About us

An opportunity for our community to highlight best practices in education

The Centre for optics, photonics and lasers, Université Laval and the members of the local organizing committee are extremely proud to welcome the diverse and broad education and training in optics and photonics community for ETOP 2019.


  1. Anne-Sophie Poulin-Girard, Université Laval (Canada)
  2. Joseph Shaw, Montana State University (USA)

Scientific committee

  1. Alan Shore, Bangor University (United Kingdom)
  2. Andrew Forbes, University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)
  3. Caroline Boudoux, École polytechnique de Montréal (Canada)
  4. Colette DeHarpporte, LASER Classroom (USA)
  5. Cristiano Cordeiro, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil)
  6. Cristina Solano, Centro de Investigaciones en Optica (Mexico)
  7. Curtis Burrill, OSA
  8. David Hagan, University of Central Florida - CREOL (USA)
  9. Dirk Fabian, SPIE
  10. Jessica DeGroote Nelson, Optimax (USA)
  11. Judy Donnelly, Three Rivers Community College (USA)
  12. Julie Bentley, University of Rochester (USA)
  13. Lauren Mecum, IEEE Photonics Society
  14. Lawrence Chen, McGill University (Canada)
  15. Marc Nantel, Niagara College (Canada)
  16. Maria Yzuel, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain)
  17. Mourad Zghal, University of Carthage (Tunisia)
  18. Qiyin Fang, McMaster University (Canada)
  19. Santiago Camacho Lopez, CICESE (Mexico)
  20. Stephen Pompea, National Optical Astronomy Observatory (USA)
  21. Thomas Pertsch, University of Jena (Germany)
  22. Vengu Lakshminarayanan, University of Waterloo (Canada)
  23. Victor Zadkov, Russian Academy of Sciences - Institute of Spectroscopy (Russia)
  24. Xi-Cheng Zhang, University of Rochester (USA)
  25. Yukitoshi Otani, Utsunomiya University - CORE (Japan)

Local organizing committee

  1. Alexandre April, Cégep Garneau (Canada)
  2. Claudine Allen, Université Laval (Canada)
  3. Diane Déziel, Centre for optics, photonics and lasers (Canada)
  4. Dominic Boudreau, Centre de démonstration en sciences physiques (Canada)
  5. Gabrielle Thériault, Gentec Electro-Optics (Canada)
  6. Geneviève Taurand, Bentley Systems (Canada)
  7. Jean-Christophe Gauthier, Université Laval (Canada)
  8. Leslie Rusch, Université Laval (Canada)
  9. Madison Rilling, Université Laval (Canada)
  10. Mathieu Fortin, Cégep de Ste-Foy (Canada)
  11. Martin Bernier, Université Laval (Canada)
  12. Rhys Adams, Vanier College (Canada)
  13. Simon Thibault, Université Laval (Canada)
  14. Simon Rainville, Université Laval (Canada)
  15. Sophie Larochelle, Université Laval (Canada)
  16. Suzie Dufour, INO-Institut national d’optique (Canada)
  17. Véronique Zambon, Telops (Canada)

ETOP 2017 - China

ETOP 2017 was held at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, on May 29-31, 2017.

ETOP 2015 - France

Université de Bordeaux was the host of ETOP 2015, that took place on June 29-July 2, 2015.

ETOP 2013 - Portugal

In 2013, the ETOP community has been welcomed by Universidade do Porto, from July 23-July 26, 2013.