Technical program

Showcasing the expertise of ETOP's community

ETOP 2019 offers five technical tracks, two special topics, four workshops and various special activities, in addition to a great social program. You can look up the schedule-at-a-glance bellow and our complete list of tracks and sessions. You can also view the full technical program hosted on SPIE website, including abstracts. Advanced program will be available in May.

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Tracks and sessions

  • Education and training tailored to industry needs
    • Optics and photonics curriculum and programs
    • In-company training and internships
    • Industry and academia interaction in education
  • K-12 education and community outreach
    • K-12 education and outreach initiatives
    • Hands-on experiments and demonstrations for young audiences
    • Program evaluation
  • Higher education in optics and photonics
    • Education through publication and research
    • Laboratory curriculum and experiments for hands-on training
    • Curriculum development and improvement
    • Development of multidisciplinary training programs
  • Teaching optics and photonics using new technologies
    • Training using specialized software and platforms as practical tools
    • AR/VR for optics and photonics education
    • Online classroom and remote learning
  • Pedagogical approaches
    • Problem-, project- and case-based learning
    • Novel models and methods for photonics education
  • Special topic: Teaching optics through art, nature, and color
    • Art and photonics
    • Optics in nature and in our surroundings
  • Special topic: Challenges in optics and photonics education
    • Softskills: enhancing technical training
    • Optics and photonics education in diverse, remote or underpriviledged communities